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Fixed Dentures
When a person has had all of their teeth removed we must make complete dentures for the person to wear. For many years or even a century Dentures were thought to be an acceptable solution, but no match for our real teeth! Hence we always tried to save natural teeth. Though we still try to save natural teeth as much possible but now we have sort of a miracle in the form of dental implants. With implants you can have your denture fixed permanently and it is as good as your natural teeth if not better. We at Advanced dental solutions are among few dentist / implantologist of patiala who particularly specialize in implants and you can get them fixed on immediate notice.

Semi-Fixed Dentures

If because of cost or any other reason a person can not have fully fixed denture but still want to have a far better solution than removable denture, then we can go for semi-fixed denture. In semi-fixed or fixed-removable dentures your denture is attached to gums with help of special clips. Because of these clips your denture is fixed and does not move but you can remove them whenever you want.

Removable Dentures
If both fixed and semi-fixed options are not possible then one can always go for ages old method (but with newer technology and materials) of removable dentures. The lower denture always takes a little more work for most patients to get used to for two reasons: lack of height of bone and presence of the tongue. At advanced dental solutions we are specialist of dentures in patiala and ensure you for the best possible outcome.

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You’ve just received your new dentures. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new denture wearer, we’re sure there are many questions which may need to be answered. We hope that the following information will prove to be helpful during the next few weeks of your denture adjustment period.

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